Birthdays and breakfast.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes it’s Tuesday and I’m only just posting when it’s supposed to be done on a Sunday! Oops! But this week I have a good reason for being late as on Sunday it was my sisters birthday so this week I’m doing a little ‘birthday blog!’. She turned 29 and we did our usual birthday tradition of going to a cafe in the forest for breakfast.

I always think whenever we descend on any kind of cafe or restaurant that the staff must take a deep breath when we all walk in. This week was no exception as 11 of us all gathered to go to the little cafe and began to move their tables causing chaos!

As a little surprise my brother travelled down from London to join us! We all ordered and were told as usual ‘it may take a little longer because there are so many of you’ a sentence we hear regularly! After we’d finished our food we took a little trip to the old fashioned sweet shop next door and my 2 sisters and their partners went off to do an escape room!

If you don’t know what an escape room is, it’s a kind of puzzle type experience where you have to solve clues and puzzles to try to escape the room within a certain time! I’ve not been myself but I’ll definitely be tagging along next time.

Now as I’ve said on my little ‘about me’ page we live so close to the forest but as it is the UK it’s also bitterly cold at the moment! Nevertheless we took the dogs to the forest and played on the rope swing until our fingers were numb! We then took a quick drive to feed a rather angry swan and went home to have a buffet style dinner!

In the evening we played Cards Against Humanity! If you’ve not played before I’d advise you read up on the type of game it is as it’s not for the easily offended! However if you aren’t easily offended it is the funniest game! After the lovely relaxed day we had my brother headed back to london and Rod and I fell asleep at about 10pm rather than the usual 2am!

As this weeks blog is about my sisters birthday I thought I’d link a couple decorations below! I think the no helium birthday balloons are great so go and take a look!

I really love birthdays in our family because it being everyone together and we always have a great time!

“And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln


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