Recipe of the month – Black Forest Trifle

I have decided that I would quite like to do a recipe on the last Sunday of each month however I have had a busy weekend of work so it’s a little late!

This months recipe is a different take on Black Forest Trifle! It’s the same concept but its been a little jazzed up! This is a recipe by my dad Simon and good for the whole family!


4x Large Chocolate muffins

2x tins of cherry pie filling

1x  bag of Wispa Bites

2x sachets of chocolate Angel Delight

2x sachets of dream topping

900 ml of milk

You will need:

A large bowl

A hand or electric whisk

A mixing bowl

A measuring jug

A wooden spoon

Step 1. Take all four of your muffins and crumble them into the bowl. Make sure to keep them in decent sized chunks as you don’t want them to be crumbs.

Step 2: Open both tins of cherry pie filling and scoop them out on top of the muffin making sure to completely cover them.

Step 3. Take a few of the Wispa Bites and pop them even over the top of your cherry filling.

Step 4. Next use 300ml of milk per sachet to make up the angel delight. Using an electric whisk would be quicker but if you don’t have one then a hand whisk will be just as effective. Once it is all mixed up places all of the angel delight on top of the cherry filling covering it completely and smooth out. Put in the fridge to set for 30 mins.

Step 5. Once the angel delight is set use 150ml of milk per sachet of dream topping and whisk together until fluffy. Spread the dream topping completely over the top of the angel delight.

Step 6. Finally place the remaining Wispa bites as decoration on top of the dream topping and serve.

This recipe is done by preference so you can use which ever topping you would like. I would also recommend crumbled chocolate flake or chocolate buttons.

As you can tell this isn’t for the faint hearted or in any way healthy so proceed with caution or avoid entirely if your new years resolution is to get fit! It’s extremely filling so you would only need a small bowl each.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog! All pictures were taken by my Dad because he made this lovely dessert!

“There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.” – Gail Simmons


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