A New Home

So the new year has already kicked off to an exciting start! Last Friday my sister Hannah and her girlfriend Ella moved into their first home together! It’s been a busy weekend of unpacking and assembling furniture this weekend and I have to say their lovely little home looks great!

They’ve done so well to get together everything you’d need for a first home! Many trips to IKEA later and it’s all matching!

They have only moved a 2 minute walk down the road from me and Rod so I expect they’ll be sick of the sight of us soon but it will be lovely to have our movie nights and only have to take a quick stroll home!

It’s crazy to think that we have lived in our flat for nearly 5 years now and even crazier to think that we’ve been together for 10 years. Whilst rearranging my living room (because I was jealous of how great Hannah and Ella’s looked!) I came across a scrapbook I had made for Rod in 2010. We had been together 3 years and it was full of cinema tickets and little quotes. A lot has happened in the last 7 years and the last thing put into the scrapbook was our favourite wedding picture. Hopefully the next picture to be put in will be a baby scan but we will have to keep our fingers crossed for that one!

I am so grateful for everything that I have and for the family around me and I wish Hannah and Ella lots of happy times in their new flat together! Congratulations!

“She was an adventurer at heart; but oh how she loved drinking this tea in this mug in this chair. Oh how she loved to be home.” – Anon


8 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Its good to take time to reflect and look back how you got to this place. As you say, time really does fly past! Im sure you and your sister will be spending even more time together now that she lives so close. Plus, its useful having a babysitter on your doorstep 😉

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  2. What a blessing to have your sister live close by. That scrapbook is a treasure, be sure to keep it somewhere safe! I love decorating and rearranging the furniture, it always feels fresh and new. And makes me donate and simplify, which is great too! Wishing you many more wonderful years together and babies to hold and love and cherish.

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