‘Tis the season


So it’s only 5 days until Christmas Day so I thought I’d kick off my first proper post with a festive family post! I’ve watched many Christmas films throughout December and with the exception of a few most I’ve watched centre around families. However I have noticed that a lot of them seem to be centred around families not getting along and falling out! I couldn’t be happier to say it’s the polar opposite with my family. Although as a family we do get together quite a lot Christmas is always a very special time. Despite just turning 26 I still love the excitement of getting up on Christmas morning with my siblings so much that my husband and I have a Christmas Eve sleepover at my parents just so we can all wake up together. This year is no exception with 6 of us squeezing into my sisters bedroom ready for Santa! Christmas is such a lovely time of year because despite our regular get togethers it’s the one time of year guaranteed to have us altogether in one room. My brother recently moved to London and will be travelling ‘home’ to spend Christmas with us all. My younger sister is moving out to live with her girlfriend in the new year so it will also be the last Christmas she will be living at home and although my older sister and I have been living in our own houses for some time now there is something that seems a little different this year knowing it’s my little sisters last Christmas in my parents house.

My parents have always made Christmas so wonderful. They have worked so hard to make it amazing for us and have always welcomed in our husbands and girlfriends like they have always been one of the family. So in 5 days time we will all be sat around the table stuffing our faces with turkey and pigs in blankets and I couldn’t be more excited for the crazy laughter my siblings and I have when we are altogether and to watch the littlest ones faces light up when they see that Santa has been!

Merry Christmas!

“Maybe Christmas he thought doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” – Dr. Seuss


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